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About Clear Health Pass™

Clear Health Pass™ LLC acts as Authorized Representative of tribal, federally chartered corporations formed under Section 17 of the Indian Reorganization Act (IRA), U.S.C. Title 25. We are proud to be in development of A Next-Generation Rapid COVID & Lamp; Variant Saliva Test, Antigen of Variants Of Concern And Unknown Variants for Humans, and Animals, that detects COVID SARS in 5 minutes or less. Through our collaboration with the world’s leading research teams and United States Fortune 100 Manufacturing and Distribution Channels, we will finally have a solution that will allow our citizens to non-invasively collect their saliva From Home. Once sent into our lab, molecular test results will be uploaded to our app within 24-48 hours. Our test will also include a preliminary color change test for immediate results within 5 minutes. Clear Health Pass™ will also have a telehealth-enabled platform that will provide diagnostic testing, telehealth, treatment, and bioinformatics. Our bioinformatics platform will facilitate an early warning of direct and indirect health issues for legal syndication of test data to authorized agencies, platforms, and persons.


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John Cataldi, Clear Health Pass

John Cataldi

In The Words Of CEO John Cataldi

We Were Founded With One Mission In Mind. To Save Lives.

At The Pandemic’s Start, I Saw The Devastation Of Lives Lost On The Front Line. Nothing Was As Devastating As Seeing A Child On A Respirator With A Single Father Holding His Daughter’s Hand Tightly As She Struggled To Breathe. All Of A Sudden An Alarm Breaks The Silence Of The Children’s ICU As Another Child Takes Their Last Breath. Two Years After The Onset Of The Pandemic, Omicron, A Variant Of The Initial Virus, Began To Surge In December 2021 And Is Now Responsible For A Fifth Of All Child COVID Deaths In The United States.

For Today

In Collaboration With Some Of The World’s Leading Research Teams And United States Fortune 100 Manufacturing And Distribution Channels, We Are Preparing Our Non-Invasive COVID-19 Multi-Variant ID Lollipop Test™ And Telehealth Platform (For Humans) For The 4th Wave Of The Pandemic. Subject To FDA Regulations And Compliance, Our Kit Will Include A 5-Minute Rapid Color Change Result And Optical Scan As Well As 24-Hour Lab Validation With A Molecular Test In One Of Our Labs That Will Also Identify Multiple Variants. We Currently Have Very Large Pre-Purchase Orders With The End Clients Being The US Government, Big-Box Retailers, And Children’s Hospitals.


We Are Also Releasing Our COVID Pet Test, Which Serves As Another Weapon In Our Fight Against COVID-19.

For Tomorrow

Our Plan Post-COVID Is To Launch Groundbreaking, Non-Invasive Saliva Tests For A Plethora Of Other Diseases And Medical Conditions For In-Store And Online Delivery. This Will Include Tests For Early Detection Of Cancers, Neurological Conditions, Heart Disease, Low Testosterone, Alzheimer’s, Parkinson’s, Stroke And Suicide Prediction And So Much More. In Addition, Our Telehealth Platform Will Provide Treatment And Prescription Services Empowering Individuals Or Caretakers To Pursue Self-Care, Sparing Life-Saving Time And Money. We Hope To Lead The Way To The New Post-Pandemic State Of Our Healthcare System.

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