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US Orders 100 Million COVID Tests, White House Says More Needed

“The United States will boost its stockpile of at-home COVID-19 tests, ordering more than 100 million tests from domestic manufacturers, the White House said on Thursday, but warned it was a short-term solution. President Joe Biden’s administration has repeatedly and unsuccessfully asked Congress for more pandemic

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Another New COVID Variant is Spreading – Enter BA.4.6

“BA.4.6, a subvariant of the omicron COVID variant which has been quickly gaining traction in the US, is now confirmed to be spreading in the UK. The latest briefing document on COVID variants from the UK Health Security Agency (UKHSA) noted that during the week beginning August 14, BA.4.6 accounted

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New Omicron offshoot BA.4.6 evades protection of Evusheld’s antibodies, study finds

(CNN) – “The antibodies in Evusheld, the only therapy available to protect people with reduced immune function against Covid-19, may lose their punch against the BA.4.6 subvariant, a new study shows. BA.4.6 is an offshoot of the BA.4 subvariant of the Omicron coronavirus variant. Only a couple

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“Game-changer” Paxlovid turns into pandemic enigma

“Paxlovid, once hailed as a “game-changer” for its ability to treat COVID-19 infections at home, is becoming one of the pandemic’s biggest enigmas. The intrigue: There’s growing concern about the link between Pfizer’s antiviral pill and COVID rebound, in which patients test positive or have symptoms days after a

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A third COVID Autumn is Upon Us

Each new season brings new hope of a possible end to the pandemic, but forecasts say we should not be celebrating yet. “As the country heads for its third autumn and winter with Covid-19, the forecasts are not auspicious. Given how transmissible the SARS-CoV-2 virus is, models anticipate more

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Texas reports what may be the first U.S. death from monkeypox

Monkeypox is a serious disease, especially coupled with immune systems that have taken down by the Coronavirus. Since the beginning off the Monkeypox outbreak, 15 deaths have been recorded in 8 countries, but the US may have just seen it’s first. “Texas health officials said Tuesday

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A dog in France has monkeypox, worrying scientists that we won’t be able to eradicate the virus if it spreads to more animals

In recent times, the world has been facing our latest battles against viruses. Complicating factors like the virus’s ability to transmit between humans and animals just complicates things further. “In 2003, 47 people across six Midwestern states caught monkeypox from pet prairie dogs that were infected

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COVID Test for Pets

A COVID Test for Pets?

As COVID Becomes Part of Every Day Life, One Company Creates a New Test for Mans Best Friend   NEW YORK, NEW YORK, UNITED STATES   Amongst varied opinions from specialists on whether we should have a COVID Test for Pets, the overall opinion seems to

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COVID Endemic

Is the Term “COVID Endemic” Just Wishful Thinking?

We’re All Tired of Living in the COVID Pandemic, But It May Be Too Soon To Start Declaring the End   NEW YORK, NEW YORK, UNITED STATES   As a former researcher, I felt a need to speak up against the ideology that COVID is over

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Monkeypox at a day care was ‘only a matter of time,’ expert says. Next up: pools, sports, schools

While the first outbreaks of monkeypox were mainly only occurring amongst men who have sex with men, any places where there is close physical contact can put you or your children at risk. Dr. Alexandra Brugler Yonts, an infectious disease specialist at Children’s National Hospital in

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