FAQs for Consumers

CHP's Covid-19 Multi-Variant ID Lollipop Test™ is safer than other tests on the market both due to its accuracy and user-friendliness. On January 8th, 2021 the FDA Released a Statement that “false-negative results may occur with any molecular test for the detection of SARS-CoV-2 if a mutation occurs in the part of the virus’ genome assessed by that test.” Furthermore, a study done by the University of Oxford and Public Health England’s Porton Down laboratory showed that Nasopharyngeal swab test’s sensitivity fell to about 58% when administered by self-trained test center employees, versus 73% when tested by skilled NIHR research nurses and 79% when tested by Porton Down laboratory scientists.

By using a self-collection saliva device it provides many safety benefits including the following:

It removes the risk of injury from the nasal swab and is much more comfortable to perform
It is much easier to ensure enough specimen is collected for accurate results
It provides safety to the test administrator by limiting possible exposure to the virus

If all of this weren't enough, Clear Health Pass® also has a triple verification defense against false negatives, a Vibrant Color Change, Telehealth Optical Scan Validation, and CLIA, 24-Hour Positive Certification via a molecular test in one of our Labs.

While we HIGHLY recommend that everyone send their test into our lab, you will be required to send it in if you are testing as a requirement for travel, school, or work. When we receive your specimen, our lab will perform a molecular test such as PCR, LAMP, or NGS and upload your results to the app.

This means you'll need to ensure you download the app, follow all steps using all three collection tubes, and return your specimen in the pre-labeled box we have provided.

Each kit contains 3 collection tubes to be able to accurately perform each test. This provides extra defense against false-negatives and will allow us to provide you with additional test type results which will be especially important if you are using this test for travel, work, or school. Here is a little more information on each tube:

Tube A (Blue Cap): 5ml Prefilled Bioluminescent Test Tube: 1 EA
Tube B (Yellow Cap): 5ml Test Tube: 1 EA For PCR Test
Tube C (Clear Cap): 5ml Test Tube: 1 EA For LAMP Test

Testing for COVID-19 is extremely important, both for you personally, and for our community as a whole. If you know whether you are infected or not, it will provide you information to help you make informed decisions about yourself and your family's health. For example, if you know there is an outbreak in your home-town, you might take extra precaution in going out or chose to limit it.

The more we test for SARS-CoV-2, the better we can track the virus and its mutations. This both allows us continue to develop strategies to stop or slow the spread of the virus, and to accurately update testing protocols by identifying bio-markers of this ever-changing virus.

The first step in the test, the color-change using bioluminescence, will take up to two minutes to collect your saliva, then up to five minutes to perform the full color change. Once the color has changed you can read the result for up to 24 hours. If you do not detect any color change, you will then need to use our free optical scan in our app to validate your result. This is essential because there are some cases, early infection for example, in which there is not enough of the antigen present yet for a visible color change. Our optical scan can detect any color change even if we cannot see it.

The next step is to send your kit into our lab. Once you send your specimen into one of our labs using the pre-labeled box we have provided, it takes 24-48 hours for our lab to upload the results.

The short answer to this question is yes. Clear Health Pass® has taken extra measures for your convenience to make it easy to send in your results by providing a pre-labeled return box. You should still send in your specimen with a negative result because it is an extra defense against false-negatives. While initial clinical data and research exhibit high sensitivity and specificity, we have each patient's and our country's best interest in mind and this extra defense will have an impact on our fight against COVID-19.

Each kit contains everything you need to perform your test. If you are performing the test for someone else, we recommend PPE such a gloves and mask. The only additional thing you will need to do is download our app.

Clear Health Pass’s saliva test is designed to make it extremely user friendly. We recommend it to be self-administered by most adults. Adult supervision should be given for anyone under the age of 18 or anyone who for any reason does not have the ability to perform the test themselves. 

There are many reasons that our test is superior including it being more comfortable, safer, more accurate, quicker, variant-specific, supported with telehealth, protected against false negatives, and made in the USA. To read more please click HERE

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