Monkeypox at a day care was ‘only a matter of time,’ expert says. Next up: pools, sports, schools

While the first outbreaks of monkeypox were mainly only occurring amongst men who have sex with men, any places where there is close physical contact can put you or your children at risk.

Dr. Alexandra Brugler Yonts, an infectious disease specialist at Children’s National Hospital in Washington, D.C. noted that “It was only a matter of time” before the virus broke out into other areas of our communities. She notes that there is definitely potential for spread of monkeypox in day cares, schools, college campuses, prisons, and other similar settings, “Anywhere that close physical, skin-to-skin contact occurs—particularly of people who are in various stages of undress—there is risk.”

As cases continue to rise in almost every state in the US, people and parents everywhere should begin considering their surroundings and assess the risks.

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