Protect Unvaccinated Family Members Some people in your family need to continue to take steps to protect themselves from COVID-19,
Protecting Our Furry Companions at the 40th Annual Veterinary Meeting & Expo (VMX) In 2023, we estimate that 76 million
As various strains of Omicron have started popping up all over the US, New England has specifically seen a jump
Each day we move closer to the next wave of COVID, here's the latest about the new variants and what
Here's what we know about the latest omicron variant's emergence in the United States: "XBB—a new, extremely immune-evasive Omicron variant
When the coronavirus pandemic first struck, opinions of how to combat it typically involved some form of mass "natural immunity"
Unfortunately, scientists and virologists have expected this date to come for some time. New subvariatns of Omicron have concerning new
As COVID has continued to mutate, various mutations are causing outbreaks in different parts of the world, this, among other
Convergent evolution is defined by the following, "In evolutionary biology, convergent evolution is the process whereby organisms not closely related
New Data is indicating that sore throat may be the most common symptom of COVID-19 infection. "A sore throat is
As the world went through the Delta and Omicron variants of COVID-19, speculation and worry was always in the back
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