Saliva for Medical Diagnosis: Worth Its Weight In Gold

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Old and new research alike show promising possibilities for medical diagnosis with Saliva, the most available and non-invasive biofluid of the human body


How many times have you had your mouth water when thinking about your favorite food? Or woken up from a nap and had to wipe your face? Or cleaned the adorable but messy drool that pours out of a child’s mouth? We hastily clean it up and sometimes even have to change our child’s clothes due to the enormous amount of saliva that kids produce. As routine as this is, we typically don’t think much about this seemingly insignificant clear fluid. But saliva is actually an incredible tool. It can give us vital information about our health, as well as that of our children and loved ones.


Clear Health Pass™ CEO, John Cataldi, became aware very early in the pandemic of the many shortfalls in the COVID Testing market. Nasal swabs have been the go-to for infectious disease diagnosis for years, so when the Coronavirus struck, it was a quick and necessary tool to implement. Even then, however, scientists had data to show that saliva PCR tests could more quickly and accurately detect Sars-CoV-2. Unfortunately, methods of saliva testing were not as readily available. After some time had passed, Cataldi sought out and developed business relationships with professionals that shared his passion for helping people to bring a better option to the market. One of those people is Dr. Paul Slowey, Ph.D.


For over two decades, Dr. Slowey has been at the forefront of saliva testing. His resume lists endeavors including Saliva Diagnostic Systems and OraSure Technologies, two of the very early pioneers in salivary diagnostics. Throughout these years he accumulated vast knowledge and experience and could clearly see what an impact saliva testing could have on the world. In 2002 he opened a production and research facility to explore this possibility further and after some success, in 2010 he both maintained a large R&D Facility and added a 6500 square foot manufacturing facility. This vast network has been instrumental in bringing saliva testing to the forefront of the market.


Understanding the diagnostic applications of Saliva, Dr. Slowey knew that it would be an impactful tool for COVID-19, “Saliva is an agnostic specimen, a golden biofluid that really isn’t being used to its utmost capability”. Saliva is simultaneously the most available and non-invasive biofluid of the human body. By utilizing it for it’s diagnostic capabilities, testing becomes infinitely less invasive, easier, and more affordable to everyone.

While Dr. Slowey is thrilled to contribute to the fight against COVID-19, his true passion lies in the ability to diagnose and help treat other life-altering or even terminal diseases. He explained how saliva tests are extremely accurate and provide a quick and easy way to screen for a plethora of conditions. “The project that we are working on can diagnose lung cancer in 30 minutes which is super exciting because we can do that with any type of cancer. All we have to do is identify the biomarkers.”


It was this passion that initially caught the attention of Cataldi and Clear Health Pass™, whose mission is to save lives. Countless families have been affected by health conditions and “too-late” diagnoses. In 2021, for example, there was an estimated two million new cases of cancer. Survival rates have slowly increased in recent years due to an increase in testing, But Cataldi knows there is still a lot of room for growth and intends to “clear” the way. “Just imagine how many more lives we could save if we made testing more affordable, accessible, user-friendly, AND by allowing people the ability to test in the comfort of their own homes… How many more people would be willing to take these life-saving tests if that were the case?”


The parallel convictions of Clear Health Pass™ and Dr. Slowey created an undeniable respect between the two parties that was cemented through their partnership. Dr. Slowey recalls their meeting with fondness: “I was really happy to hear when I first connected with John that his motivation is obviously to help people first. I see the collaboration with Clear Health Pass as being a much broader arrangement than just COVID-19 testing. Together, our legacy will be diagnostic tests that will help a lot of people in so much more than just the COVID-19 area. My underlying feeling is that I was meant to contribute greatly to other important diseases such as Parkinson’s, Alzheimer’s, cancer, women’s health, sleep disorders, and others. Saliva tests can even predict the likelihood that someone will have a stroke or commit suicide by looking at biomarkers that are elevated in conditions like depression or PTSD. Our goals are clearly aligned and I’m very glad about that.”


Cataldi recognizes the power of collaboration and welcomes any opportunity to make diagnostic testing more available to everyone. “At Clear Health Pass, we are always looking for new partners that share our mission of helping people and saving lives. Dr. Slowey’s saliva testing experience and expertise perfectly align with our mission to provide accessible and affordable health testing to the world. Together, we are working on developing new saliva tests for conditions like diabetes, depression, cancer, and so much more. With our partnership, we are one step closer to revolutionizing the current healthcare system. By making it more accessible and non-invasive, we are confident that we can make a massive impact on the lives of millions of people around the world.”



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