The Pandemic Is NOT Over

Based on multiple complicating factors we may be heading into a tsunami sized wave of new COVID cases

April 13, 2022

COVID-19 is not going away, we don’t say this to scare you, but to prepare you.

The coronavirus has baffled scientists, virologists, and immunologists alike since its emergence in 2019. Two and a half years later the advancement of this virus is still surprising experts. This is due to its rapid evolution, methods of transmission, and short/long-term effects of infection not just in humans, but in other species as well.

As COVID cases rise in 26 states, and hospitalizations rise in 10, there are quite a few indicators that we may be heading into a tsunami-sized outbreak in the coming months.

  1. New spikes in COVID-19 Cases worldwide
  2. Decreasing mask mandates, travel restrictions, and other COVID policies
  3. A virus that is growing more contagious and mutating at remarkable speeds
  4. COVID Tests that decrease in accuracy as said virus evolves
  5. An upcoming season of large gatherings and festivals
  6. A world of people that desperately want to get back to normal

Based on all of these factors, Clear Health Pass’s Co-Founder and CEO John Cataldi doesn’t expect for things to return to normal until maybe 2024: “It’s going to continue, the next wave will be here in full force by around October or November and make the prior waves look small”.

With all these battles we are currently facing, continued and consistent COVID testing is vital to helping experts track and understand this virus. This not only helps them develop treatments and therapies but also gives all of us the information we need to make decisions to keep our family and loved ones safe.

We are all carrying the weight of the world on our shoulders, but Clear Health Pass hopes to ease some of that burden in the near future by offering a COVID test that is astronomically more comfortable, user-friendly, accessible, and affordable. We hope that this will hugely impact the willingness of consumers to get tested early and often.  

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