A COVID Test Above the Rest

“WAIT, it doesn’t have to go up my nose!?” We hear in the background of our morning meeting as Julianne’s (Co-Master Distributor of Clear Health Pass) pre-teen daughter over-hears that our new COVID Test (COMING SOON) will not have to be administered with a nasal swab.

How many children or even adults would feel the same relief and excitement If they were given the option to take a lollipop test instead of suffering the invasive and uncomfortable nasal swab the world has grown so accustomed to? The likely answer is all of them.

Clear Health Pass’s Chief Information Officer, Steve Soto, expresses his feelings on the matter, “We’re changing the collection method from the intrusive swabbing and making it something easy that people do naturally which is spit. It doesn’t gag them or cause any uncomfortable reflex while they’re being poked up their nose or down their throat. We’re making testing less objectionable and more comfortable. I’m very proud of that.”

In addition to comfort, there are multiple other factors that will make our test one of the best options for COVID testing on the market today.

It will be safer

  1. It will remove the risk of injury from the nasal swab and is much more comfortable to collect the specimen
  2. It is will be much easier to perform correctly to ensure enough specimen is collected for accurate results
  3. It will provide safety to the test administrator by limiting possible exposure to the virus

It’s will be more accurate

Initial clinical data and research show that Clear Health Pass’s COVID Test has very high accuracy levels.

Click HERE to read a study done that shows Saliva is more sensitive than nasopharyngeal swabs for diagnosis of asymptomatic and mild COVID-19 infection.

It will be more accessible

Currently, if you want or need to find out if you are infected with SARS-CoV-2, your main options are somewhat limited:

  1. Take an at-home test that has a high rate of false negatives due to both virus mutations and inadequate specimen collection (not to mention it’s uncomfortable)
  2. Waiting in line at a drive-through or doctor’s office that will perform a more accurate test but risking exposing yourself to others who are also there because they either have symptoms or have been exposed to the virus (also as uncomfortable)

Sadly, these options become even less accessible to those in underprivileged communities, either because they are underinsured or have countless other factors that limit their access to vital diagnostic testing. We aim to change that and will expand on how we intend to do it in a later post.

It will be quicker

Once our lab receives your specimen the molecular test results will be uploaded within 24-48 hours.

Clear Health Pass™ will also offer Telehealth Support 

In the current market, once you get your result back there are typically no further steps or resources given. Our telehealth platform will be able to get you in touch with a medical professional that will provide valuable help. This could include symptom management, prescribing antivirals or other treatment options, or even just giving advice on how to keep the rest of your family safe.

It’s made in the USA

We are very proud that we will be one of the few COVID tests that are manufactured in the USA. This brings jobs, resources, and money into our own communities, enriching the lives of many, providing higher standards of Safety & Quality Control, and reducing our environmental impact. This also speeds up our manufacturing timeline and will allow us to get tests into the hands of our consumers faster – when they really need them.

We are so proud that we will soon have a product you can depend on. Coming soon to a store near you.

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