A dog in France has monkeypox, worrying scientists that we won’t be able to eradicate the virus if it spreads to more animals

In recent times, the world has been facing our latest battles against viruses. Complicating factors like the virus’s ability to transmit between humans and animals just complicates things further.

“In 2003, 47 people across six Midwestern states caught monkeypox from pet prairie dogs that were infected after they were housed with rodents imported from Ghana, Africa.

Today’s outbreak, which has already infected more than 14,100 people in the U.S. and more than 41,000 across the globe, is spreading mostly through close human contact among gay and bisexual men. But scientists reported the first presumed human-to-pet transmission in a dog in France this month, prompting U.S. and global health officials to step up warnings to ensure the virus doesn’t spread to other pets and animals.”

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